New "Justice League" Movie Set for Summer 2015

The Justice League movie has been scheduled for summer 2015. Get the details.

Justice League

Warner Bros. can finally move forward with plans to create a Justice League movie, now that their legal battle against Superman co-creator Joe Shuster has ended in their favor.

The studio plans to shoot the film next year and to release it during the summer of 2015, just when Disney brings out a sequel to the mega-hit The Avengers. (Haven't seen it yet? Click to watch The Avengers trailer.) This accelerated schedule means that Warner will forego the Marvel Comic practice of making solo franchises for each character prior to the team movie (except for the Superman reboot, Man of Steel, which was already in progress and due out on June 14, 2013.) The Justice League script is also in the works, but a director is not yet been signed to the project.

The Justice League lineup is unclear, but Superman, Batman, and the first big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman are considered certainties. The film's Superman will be different from the one appearing in Christopher Nolan's Man of Steel; likewise, Batman will be different from the Dark Knight trilogy rendition.

Warner Bros. won't be alone in the superhero space in 2015. Marvel Studios is on the scene with their May 2015 release of The Avengers 2 and their November 2015 release of Ant-Man. (If you're a Marvel fan, check out their newest movies.) 

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