Karl Anthony-Towns Is Latest NBA Player to Dunk on A Kid

Karl Anthony-Towns showed no mercy as he dunked on this kid.

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Karl Anthony-Towns is joining the NBA's off-season craze: embarrassing children at basketball camps.

Towns is running his first basketball clinic in Minnesota, and in a video, he blows by two children and finishes with a dunk on a helpless camper.

Towns seemed to relish dunking on the kid. He made a real basketball move, splitting the double team set up by two children, and topped it off with an authoritative "Statue of Liberty" dunk on another child.

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NBA players have thoroughly enjoyed embarrassing children at basketball camps this summer. Oklahoma City Thunder guard Victor Oladipo did a vicious windmill dunk on a kid, and Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon crossed over a child and finished with a dunk.

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At this point, kids might want to keep a safe distance from NBA players at these camps.

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