Kate Upton Pushes a 500-Pound Sled, Is an Absolute Beast

Kate Upton is absolutely crushing heavy weight under the guidance of elite strength coach Ben Bruno.

It's not every day we see a supermodel moving a ton of weight in the weight room. But with Kate Upton, it's becoming almost a weekly occurrence.

Upton, who trains with strength coach Ben Bruno, was recently filmed performing a Sled Push with 500 pounds. The total weight is a combination of the sled, the plates on the sled and weight of Bruno who is standing on the sled.

We have to say, this is extremely impressive. With her shoulders on the pads of the sled, the load is placed on her torso rather than her arms so she's able to load up on the weight and challenge her glutes and quads with the heavy load.

Bruno also posted a video of Upton performing a Reverse Sled Drag with Mini-Band, which he explains will "fry your butt" by increasing glute recruitment.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock