Katie Eberling: One Athlete, Many Sports

With help from her friends at STACK Velocity Sports Performance, Katie Eberling is gearing up for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Growing up, Katie Eberling could play just about every sport.

Eventually, she fell in love with volleyball, and she played volleyball on a travel club team that trained at a STACK Velocity Sports Performance Center. She says it was very valuable to her development as an athlete.

"[High school] was a good time to just learn how your body works, how your body moves," Eberling said. "I learned a lot about body control, workouts, and the elements of strength and speed, which was extremely beneficial at that age."

Eberling's sessions at Velocity introduced her to jump training, weightlifting, and speed and agility work, all of which translated into better performance on the court. She earned a scholarship to Western Michigan University, where she set records for matches and sets played, as well as most career kill/dig double-doubles.

After graduating, Eberling thought her sports career was over when she received a Facebook message from Elana Meyers, a silver- and bronze-winning bobsledder recruiting athletes for Team USA.

In women's bobsled there are two teammates, a driver and a brakeman. Meyers was moving to the driver's seat and looking for the right athlete to fill the brakeman position. Meyers asked Eberling to be her partner.

The speed and explosiveness Eberling had developed at Velocity propelled her to quick success in her new sport. In 2011, as a rookie, she was named U.S. National Push Champion. She went on to win two medals at the World Championships and was chosen as an alternate for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. She is currently preparing for the 2018 games with the U.S. Olympic Committee's strength and conditioning staff in Salt Lake City.

When Eberling heads back to her family's home near Chicago, she stops in to train at the Velocity Center in Tinley Park, which will soon move to an even larger, cutting edge sportsplex under the guidance of facility owner Michael See. It's sure to help future athletes get a leg up on competitors, just as Eberling did. "It was awesome for me to get that edge," Eberling said.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock