Kawhi Leonard Faked Out All 5 Members of the Utah Jazz

How did he do it?

Kawhi Leonard is a lot of things. He's an emotionless, basketball-playing robot. He's one of the last remaining members of the "I still rock braids" community. And he's a real-life wizard.

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Last night, the San Antonio Spurs dropped a home game to the upstart Utah Jazz, but they should have been awarded a win for a play that Leonard pulled out midway through the fourth quarter, a play that belongs more on a Las Vegas stage than a basketball court.

From the left corner, Leonard drove past his defender into the paint, where he was greeted by all five Jazz players. They circled him like sheep dogs, but by twisting and turning and throwing in a ball fake for good measure, Leonard managed to fake out each and every one of them before gunning a dime to teammate Pau Gasol, who finished with a layup.

I watched this video 10 times and I still don't understand how Leonard escaped. Can the NBA check his wallet and make sure he doesn't carry a Hogwarts ID card?

Kawhi Leonard

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock