Keep Your Baseball Bat Legal With Help From Eastbay

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Nothing is more aggravating for a baseball player than finding out his pricey new bat doesn't meet the latest league standards. Plus, players become accustomed to the feel of their bats, so constantly switching to a new one can cause unnecessary stress. This makes it difficult for athletes, both financially and personally, to replace bats that no longer meet league standards.

Thankfully, Eastbay is here to help.

At, baseball players can use the handy "Find an Approved Bat" system to make sure what they're bringing to the batter's box is acceptable for their league. High school athletes need only to select "High School Baseball" [or "High School Fastpitch" for softball players], choose "n/a" for age group and click "Find Approved Bats."

All bats come with an Eastbay "Bat Buy Guarantee," which promises that if a bat is disapproved within three months of purchase, Eastbay will refund your money. You can rest easy knowing Eastbay has your financial interests at heart.

Get moving to to find the right, league-approved bat. Right now, 41 solid choices are waiting, including great products from DeMarini.

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