Kemba Walker Danced After Shooting a 3-Pointer. The Ball Never Went In.

The takeaway: never celebrate too early.

One of the most badass moves in basketball is also one of the riskiest. It takes an unwavering confidence in your shot to turn your back to the basket while the ball is still floating in the air. You're so sure it's going in that you feign nonchalance and don't bother to observe the ball's flight to the hoop.

Such confidence has led to some iconic moments, the most famous of which involved Steph Curry, who launched a 3, turned to face the opposing team's bench behind him and gave a shoulder shimmy as the ball swished through the net. It has also produced some cringeworthy embarrassment, as was the case with Nick Young, who celebrated a shot that never went in.

Add Kemba Walker to the latter category.

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In the waning moments of the Charlotte Hornets' win over the Miami Heat on Thursday night, Walker hoisted up a 3 that initially clanged off the back of the rim and bounced straight up in the air. Walker paused for a moment, long enough to feel supremely confident that the ball would fall back through the net. Then he turned and gave a serious shoulder shake . . . as the basketball came back down, hit the rim, and fell off.

"Kemba, don't start dancing!" said one of the television announcers, speaking for all of us. Congratulations, Kemba. You've been forever immortalized as a meme.

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