Kennesaw State Basketball Player's Missed Dunk Turns Into Greatest Trick Shot Ever

Failure turns to joy.

Have you ever had  one of those days when everything goes your way? The good people at Chipotle don't charge you for guacamole. You narrowly avoid ruining your brand new, all-white Air Force 1s in a puddle you didn't see. You ask your buddy to film you throwing down a dunk, miss terribly, but end up setting the Internet on fire anyway.

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That last thing is what happened to Kennesaw State's Jordan Jones, who missed what would've been a sick windmill dunk only to have the basketball swish through the net on a completely different hoop! It looks like a total mistake, but the more times you watch the video, the deeper your suspicion grows. Is Jones's head turn immediately after missing the dunk a signal that he was doing this on purpose? Is his excitement at the end merely the joy of watching something spontaneous and awesome happen? Or is it the joy of watching a well-made plan work to perfection?

We may never know. Regardless, it's awesome.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock