Kevin Costner Headlines Drama 'Black or White'

Kevin Coster is a man fighting for custody of his granddaughter against her African-American grandmother in 'Black or White.'

In the racially charged feature film drama Black or White, Kevin Costner stars as grieving widower Elliot Anderson, who is battling for custody of his granddaughter Eloise, whom he has been raising since his daughter died during childbirth. Challenging him for custody is Eloise's African-American grandmother Rowena, who is determined to place the child in the care of her father, Rowena's drug-addicted son Reggie. Besides the fact that Reggie seems unfit as a parent, Elliot partially blames him for the death of his own daughter.

Much of the tension in the film stems from the racial divide between the two families. Rowena insists that one of the reasons Elliot doesn't want to give up custody of Eloise is because he is reluctant to have her grow up in an African-American household.

Starring as Rowena is Oscar Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer, who is best known for The Help and more recently Get on Up. André Holland (Selma) plays Reggie. In the role of Eloise is newcomer Jillian Estell (So This Is Christmas). The cast also features Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Bill Burr (The Heat) and Gillian Jacobs (Community).

The film was written and directed by Mike Binder, who previously worked with Costner when he wrote and directed the actor's 2005 dramedy The Upside of Anger.

Black or White will open in theaters nationwide on Jan. 30.


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