Your Daily Reminder That Kevin Durant Is a Basketball-Playing Alien

What happened to Kevin Durant to make him so ruthless on the basketball court?

There are a handful of things you can do in life that can be labeled "ruthless."

  • Sneaking a bite of pie before it's ready.
  • Stealing a fourth-grader's lunch money.
  • Doing what Kevin Durant is currently doing on the basketball court.

In his last five games, Durant has averaged 40.6 points on 59 percent shooting, including 50 percent from 3-point land. That's obscene. His five-game run culminated with a 46-point performance last night against Portland, in which he hit six of seven 3-pointers, three in the fourth quarter, all daggers that Durant stuck in the face of any player who dared come out to guard him. Ruthless.

Kevin Durant shot chart

Take a look at Durant's shot chart from his past three contests. He shot 50 percent from just beyond the free-throw line, AND THAT'S HIS LOWEST PERCENTAGE BY 12.5 POINTS. Play him up close, and he'll use his long legs to glide right by you to the hole. Play him loose, and he'll rise up over you and drain a demoralizing 3-pointer. He's been so flammable with the ball in his hands that LeBron James made a weird joke about having a Kevin Durant app on his phone. Sometimes, as an athlete, when your partner in crime goes down, like Durant's teammate Russell Westbrook did, you've got to get a little bit selfish. Durant's doing just that. He's put in the work. Now sit back and watch his ruthlessness in action.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock