Kevin Durant Finally Explains Why He Swore at Dion Waiters During Game 2 of the WCF

KD reveals why he dropped a series of f-bombs on teammate Dion Waiters.

During Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder, the Internet was abuzz with a video of Thunder star Kevin Durant swearing up a storm at teammate Dion Waiters. It was weird, especially because Waiters had just assisted Durant on a made jumper.

Prior to that assist, Durant had been streaking across the baseline calling for the ball, but Waiters didn't make the immediate pass to him. Maybe Durant was upset that he didn't get the ball sooner? Whatever the reason, KD started laughing after he hit the shot, only to get dead serious and drop a couple of f-bombs on Waiters within a matter of seconds.

At OKC's practice on Friday, Durant shed some light on why he felt the need say "hey, f**k you man," to Waiters after a made basket. From The Oklahoman:

"We always have those exchanges, man. We were laughing," Durant said. "If you walked into the huddle, the camera was in the huddle, you'd have seen us laughing and joking about it. But we go at it all the time."

Durant gave credit to Waiters for actually making the right decision on the play. Waiters could have forced the cross-court pass. In the end, Durant still got a wide-open jumper to cut the Warriors' lead to 43-41.

"I thought he could have thrown the alley-oop, but as I think about it, it was a smarter pass for me to curl around," Durant said. "I probably wouldn't have caught that or the other guy tipped it or something, so he made the right play. I was being a jerk at that point."

Durant did call out Waiters as the first to strike in a brotherly exchange of expletives.

"I don't want to tell on him, but you should have seen he cursed me out before I said something to him," Durant joked.

"But it's part of playing basketball. It's part of the brotherhood and having teammates that you really have fun playing with."

So, according to Durant, all is well between him and Waiters. Though, if you have followed Waiters' career from Cleveland to Oklahoma City, you can see why the guard's actions could elicit such a vulgar response from a teammate. Let's chalk it up to Waiters being Waiters and move on, shall we?

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock