Kevin Love Got Food Poisoning, Lost 10 Pounds, Then Put Up a Double-Double

Never order fish on an airplane.

Kevin Love started for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night, but he probably shouldn't have. Love looked lethargic for much of the night, clanking all seven of his 3-point attempts and shooting just 5-of-19, a lowly 26 percent.

Love looked gaunt for much of his time on the court, and in the fourth quarter, he ended up on the bench with his head buried in his jersey. Still, when the game was over, Love had managed 12 points and 11 boards in 24 minutes, his fourth double-double in a row.

Jokes made the rounds on Twitter. Love was still hungover from his New Year's celebration. Guarding Anthony Davis was too big a load. But the real reason for Love's misery was much worse.

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Bad airplane sea bass ravaged Love's body, making his newly chiseled physique resemble that of a high school junior who hasn't developed muscles yet. On a team battling its fair share of injuries at the moment, Love's food poisoning sounds like the most painful.

"When I got the call from [Cavs head athletic trainer] Steve [Spiro], he said [Love] had lost 10 pounds and he was throwing up and whatever else I can't say," Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue told ESPN.

The thought of attempting to hoop while recovering from food posoining and losing a large amount of weight in such a short time sounds nauseating, Love somehow still dropped a double-double.

The takeaway here? Never order fish on an airplane.

Love was having his best season as a Cav. Here's hoping he recovers quickly.

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