Lead Your Team in Rebounds Like Kevin Love

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Kevin Love

Leading the NBA in double-doubles right now is Kevin Love, power forward and All-Star face of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Last season, Love ripped down a total of 1,112 rebounds, and he's currently second in the NBA to Dwight Howard in rebounds per game (13.7)

The maneuver that helps Love grab rebound after rebound? One of the most fundamental moves in (defensive) basketball: the box out. Love uses his body and legs as a base of support to gain leverage over his opponents at the rim. He demonstrates that the lower you are to the ground, in fact, the more powerful your box out can be.

Brief review:

  • First, awareness is key. Be aware of the shooter and your "defendee," or, if playing zone D, the opponent closest to you
  • Pivot to gain "rotary stability," which establishes resistance and helps prevent you from getting knocked over
  • Bend your knees and widen your stance, lowering your center of gravity and base of support as much as possible
  • Keep moving your feet and maintain body contact until you can spring up and grab the rebound

To hear from Love about how else he elevates his game, check out our interview with him. And for more on playing better defense overall, head over to STACK Basketball.

Source:  ESPN
Photo:  NYTimesblog

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock