Move Over Harrison Twins: The Caron-Goudreau Twins Are Basketball's Next Big Thing

Meet Khaleann and Audreyann Caron-Goudreau, dynamic twins from IMG Academy who will soon be taking the basketball world by storm.

Khaleann and Audreyann Caron-Goudreau

Colleges should start sending scholarship offers electronically to twin sisters Khaleann and Audreyann Caron-Goudreau. That switch alone could save hundreds of trees.

Now juniors at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., the twins started receiving scholarship offers their freshman year in Canada. First from Texas, then Florida, Virginia Tech, TCU and LSU, letters now come from all over the country and could easily fill up half a court.

You don't even have to watch them play to see why Khaleann and Audreyann are such coveted 2014 recruits. They send shivers down opponents' spines before they even touch a ball—simply by standing side-by-side, each at a towering 6'3".

"Just by walking into the gym they create a presence. They make me say 'wow' on a daily basis," says IMG Academy head coach Shell Dailey, "When they do start to play, you really understand why they're the real deal."

The twins seem to have a mystical sense of what the other is doing on the court at all times. In true identical-twin fashion, Khaleann and Audreyann often switch roles to play off each other. They play with so much confidence of knowing where the other is that they can easily make the extra pass to one another from anywhere on the court.

"I know by heart what [Audreyann] is going to do next and what she's thinking on a certain play based on her reaction," Khaleann says.

Even more impressive than their on-court connection is the level of intensity they bring to the game. Diving out of bounds for balls, pressuring the defense and driving to the basket—it's hard to keep track of the twins during a game.

The sisters' style of play is so tough that it often brings out their coach's maternal instincts.

"They're so fierce and rough sometimes, I worry that they are going to get hurt," Dailey says. "Headfirst, legs-first, every play they are all in. It's the only way they play, and it can make me cringe how tough they are. They don't hold back even in practice."

Khaleann and Audreyann don't even hold back with each other. Every moment presents a new opportunity for competition, from a race to the showers to a tiff over who ate the last granola bar.

"We don't particularly mean to compete against each other, but we also can't avoid it because it's just natural for us," Khaleann says, "We compete in everything."

Although they can turn a simple game of HORSE into a fierce competition, Khaleann and Audreyann remain inseparable.

"We can go maybe a day without each other," Audreyann says. Khaleann's quick to add, "She's the other half of me, basically. She completes me. If we do get mad at each other, we can't go to bed angry. We always have to say 'I love you.'"

So get ready, college basketball: When Khaleann and Audreyann pick a school, they'll be creating an instant contender. The twins are willing to play wherever they're needed on the court, as long as they can play together.

Both twins admit without hesitation that they will only commit to a school that accepts them as a package deal, one that offers high-level academics as well as hoops. Because, naturally, after they are done competing on the basketball court, they plan on joining the über-competitive medical profession.

"I tell them to stay together as long as possible, because there will come a time when they have to be separated," Dailey says. "When that moment does happen, they'll rise to the occasion, because that's how remarkable these girls are. They're as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside—willing to do whatever is necessary for each other and the team."

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