Kobe Bryant's First Move After Basketball? Investing in a $700 Juicer

Kobe Bryant's first move after retirement is investing in a juicer that no one except the 1% can afford.

Kobe Bryant won't be a part of the 2016-2017 NBA season, but the Black Mamba won't be sitting at home passing the time watching his career highlight tape, which you already know he's got on Blu-Ray. No, Bryant has moved on to his next venture rather quickly, creating a $100 million venture capital firm with partner Jeff Stibel to identify and help grow entrepreneurs interested in producing anti-Shaq documentaries that Bryant deems worthy of investment.


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One company that Bryant's firm has already invested in is called Juicero, a startup that produces what amounts to, as Gizmodo so aptly put it, a "Keurig for organic cold-pressed juice." Instead of brewing yourself a nice K-cup of average tasting hazelnut coffee or sweet peach tea, Juicero gives you the ability to concoct juices like "Sweet Greens" and "Carrot Beet." Which sounds great, until you find out the machine costs $700; then you realize that an individual packet needed to create a single glass of juice costs between $5 and $7.

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So though Bryant may have a Juicero for every room in his house in Los Angeles, that price is a little steep for average folk looking to quench their thirst in a somewhat healthy way. For $700, perhaps Juicero holds the key to immortality, and Bryant will live forever at his present age, tormenting Smush Parker and haunting the Lakers from afar until the end of time. Or not. Whatever Bryant sees in it, he's off to a heck of a start in retirement.

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