Meet Krystal Cantu, the One-Armed CrossFitter Who Inspired Andre Johnson

Watch Krystal Cantu do wonders with the heavy barbell.

On Monday, December 15, Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson posted a video to his Instagram of a woman performing a 120-pound Squat Clean. The woman executed the lift with only one arm, prompting Johnson to post that "CAN'T" should not be in any athlete's vocabulary.

The woman is 25-year-old Texas native Krystal Cantu, who lost her arm in a car accident a year and a half ago. Three weeks after her right arm was amputated just above the elbow, Cantu reportedly was back in the gym and hitting the weights. Three months later, she entered her first CrossFit competition.

Cantu says she has since beaten all of her pre-accident personal records and is able to deadlift 215 pounds. She's also attracted nearly 30,000 Instagram followers. When asked about her story serving as an inspiration to others, Cantu said, "I'm really surprised ... I think it's really cool that people from around the world say that I've helped them get back up and get into shape."

Check out more videos of Cantu lifting below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock