Ohio Machine's Kyle Harrison Offers Workout and Recovery Tips

Now 10 years into his professional lacrosse career, Kyle Harrison offers training and other advice to help young athletes.

"I used to be trying to get big and strong and lift weights," Harrison said. "But I've been a professional for 10 years, and now in the latter part of my career, it's more important for me to make sure I'm always doing plyos—making sure I do a lot of ball work, staying quick, [doing] all kinds of stuff to work on agility. [I do] all that stuff to make sure I stay sharp. But the recovery process is important [for] making sure my body is 100 percent."

During the interview, Harrison tells readers about his favorite lacrosse stick and what training gear he cannot live without.

He also asserts that younger athletes who want to become great at lacrosse must understand that success requires homework. "It's documented. Educate yourself on the process," Harrison says. Hear it from the man himself at "453 and a Half." 


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock