Kyrie Irving Stayed After the Game to Put Up Shots Following His Disappointing Performance Against the Spurs

Kyrie Irving will work overtime to fix his shot.

The San Antonio Spurs blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night, 103-74. Scoring 110 points a game, the Cavs have the fourth best offense in the NBA. But that was no match for the Spurs defense, which is the second best in the league.

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The Spurs defense was smothering, forcing the Cavs to shoot an abysmal 31-of-83 (37.3%) from the field and 4-of-26 (15.4%) from deep. Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving had a really tough night shooting the ball. He tied his season low with only 8 points on 4-of-13 shooting. He shot the deep ball twice and missed both times.

The four-time All-Star was not pleased with his performance, and after the game Irving stayed on the court to get more shots up. There could have been something wrong with his form that he was trying to fix, or maybe he just needed to clear his head; but this isn't the first time Irving stayed after a game to shoot more.



Kyrie is normally a great shooter and this season he's averaging career highs in points (25.3) and field goal percentage (47.1). But the Cavs had better fix their problems quickly; the playoffs are right around the corner, and last night, they dropped out of the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

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Maybe Irving shouldn't have been the only Cavalier working on his shot after the game.


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