L.A. Dodgers' Enrique Hernandez Trades His Batting Gloves For Young Fan's Shoes

Hernandez gave the shoes back to the kid, but the young fan got an early lesson in Business 101.


Dodgers fan

In business, when two parties exchange something, they each quantify it as a equitable exchange. Fans of pro athletes highly value game-used gear, which players often toss to them without expecting anything in return.

But if you ask L.A. Dodgers' Enrique Hernandez for gear or equipment he used in games, he may expect something back. On Saturday, a young Dodgers fan asked Hernandez if he would be willing to give up his batting gloves. Hernandez obliged, but demanded the Dodgers fan to give up his shoes in return.



Of course, the kid was more than willing to oblige after the Saturday afternoon Giants-Dodgers game in Los Angeles. But Hernandez was just kidding. He autographed the fan's shoes and handed them back.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock