L Defensive Drill For Women's Man-to-Man Defense

Develop your fast feet, defensive slides and sprint closeouts to become a better man-to-man defender with the L Defensive Drill

In basketball, defense wins and loses games. Fundamental man-to-man defense is especially critical in women's basketball, which is why many women's coaches now use the L Defensive Drill to improve team defense. Use the L Defensive Drill in your own training to develop the fast feet, defensive slides and sprint closeouts you need to become an elite man-to-man defender.

L Defensive Drill

1) From the intersection of the baseline and either lane line, sprint to the elbow. The first two steps in a sprint closeout are the most important

2) When you are three to four feet away from your imaginary opponent at the elbow, chop your feet as quickly as possible in a low athletic stance with both hands in the air. Quick, choppy steps with a wide base will allow you to keep your opponent in front of you

3) When you get to the elbow, slide as quickly as possible to the other side, hitting the other elbow with your outside foot

4) As soon as you hit the opposite elbow with your foot, slide as quickly as possible back to the original elbow

5) Sprint backward to the baseline

Perform four to five repetitions per side, concentrating on fast feet throughout each rep. Further develop your skills by checking out more basketball drills used by the pros.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock