Lacrosse Drill: Create Space for More Scoring Opportunities

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Can't seem to buy a goal in the early going this lacrosse season? That may be because you're working with limited time and space when those rare scoring opportunities present themselves.

Time and space are at a premium on the lacrosse field, especially if you're waiting for the play to come to you. To maximize your scoring chances, you must be on the go and moving your feet in the offensive zone.

Staying mobile around the net is the key to creating space and finding holes in the defense. Once you locate an opening, move into position ready to catch a pass and fire a shot on the net.

To improve your odds of scoring, try for a quick release on the shot. To set yourself up for a quick release, place your hands in ready position to catch and shoot:  (for righties) left hand at the bottom of the shaft, right hand at the top.  Once you catch the pass, immediately turn your body toward the net. Keep your hands up, hold your left elbow at shoulder height and your right arm in the "muscle position," and be ready to shoot overhand.

Performing agility and shooting drills will improve your skills, but incorporating both performance attributes into one drill will be most beneficial, enabling you to transfer them more readily to a game setting.

Below is a great drill for developing the ability to get open, catch and shoot, accompanied by a demonstration video.

Tight Space Shooting Drill

  • Set up two cones approximately three yards apart to left of net
  • Start at cone furthest from net and sprint to cone in front of net
  • Receive pass from partner and shoot
  • Immediately backpedal to cone one, receive pass and shoot
  • Repeat in continuous fashion
  • Set up cones to right side of net and perform for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 3x10 each side

Coaching Points: Catch and shoot ball as fast as possible // Sprint or backpedal to cone as soon as shot is released

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Photo:  Syracuse Athletic Communications

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock