Lacrosse Drill For a Better Split Dodge

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The split dodge is the most effective move for creating a shooting or passing lane; and executing a lethal dodge against your opponent comes down to proper footwork and stick position, two things you can significantly improve by performing the Wall Ball Drill.

Every lacrosse player and his mom know the Wall Ball Drill. But the drill should consist of more than simply passing and receiving the ball off the wall.

Practice with a purpose by performing this variation of the Wall Ball Drill, brought to you by Tom Slate, head coach of the Denver Outlaws and president of Lacrosse Evolution.

Alternating Wall Ball Drill

  • Assume athletic stance with wall to right
  • Aim for specific target on wall and throw ball
  • Slide left hand to neck of shaft and catch ball
  • Change hand positions, sliding right hand to neck of shaft and left hand to bottom
  • Execute split dodge move to throw ball with right hand
  • Slide right hand to neck of shaft to catch ball; repeat in alternating fashion for specified reps

Reps: 100

Coaching Points: Focus on proper shooting form for each rep // Aim for specific target on wall // Focus on technique first, then work for speed

If your split dodge needs a brush-up, check out the following slo-mo video of John Christmas lighting up a defender.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock