Lacrosse Shooting Drills with Paul Rabil

In this video from, superstar Paul Rabil shares two of his favorite lacrosse shooting drills.

If you have trouble consistently putting the ball into the net, put in some extra time before practice. Below, Paul Rabil, the quintessential rock star of Major League Lacrosse, offers two effective lacrosse shooting drills to help you score more from different angles on the field.

Lacrosse Shooting Drills

Lacrosse Shooting on the Run Drill

Setup: Place 10 balls in a row 20 yards out in front of cage
•    Jog to one ball and pick it up
•    Start toward your left and quickly split to your right
•    Run down the alley to hash marks and shoot an overhand shot with your right hand
•    Jog back to start; pick up another ball, perform drill in opposite direction, and then shoot with your left hand

2x10, alternating shots with each hand
Coaching Points:  If you're on the run and the defense is flushing you toward the sideline, it's best to shoot overhand because you have less of an angle // Maintain proper angles whether shooting high or low // Always rotate your body when you shoot so you finish with your back to the cage

10-Shot Corner Lacrosse Drill

Setup: Pile 10 balls five yards out to the left of goal post

•    Pick up one ball at a time
•    Aim for the corner of the net on each shot
•    Shoot with all of your body weight power

Sets/Reps: 1x10 for each hand
Coaching Points: Since this drill mimics a tight space, step into the shot and get your arms away from your body // Focus on coming overhand and emphasizing your point of release // If your shots are sailing high over the net, keep the same form but tighten your wrists

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock