Larry Fitzgerald's Stiff-Arm Was as Impressive a Power Move As You'll Ever See

Larry Fitzgerald shows how effort, technique and strength come together to make a big play.

You can have your big open field hit, your spin move and your 60-yard touchdown pass. We'll take a perfectly executed stiff-arm any day of the week.

Case-in-point: this monster rejection by Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald on Cleveland Browns defensive back Pierre Desir. After catching a pass for a first down near the left sideline with space to run, Fitzgerald bore down directly on Desir, who was moving downhill to close in on him. Fitzgerald jabbed his left arm directly into Desir's face and pushed him back about 5 yards. That's pure strength and power, son.

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In his 12th season in the NFL, after a couple of down years had naysayers claiming the lifelong Cardinal was "over the hill," Fitzgerald is having somewhat of a rebirth with quarterback Carson Palmer.  Through eight games this season, he has 706 yards receiving to go with seven touchdowns. He had two all of last year. Before last season, Fitzgerald told us he wanted to drop a few pounds so he could play lighter and faster and prolong his career. He appears to have done just that, while adding a whole lot of power to his forearms to stiff-arm defenders into oblivion.

Larry Fitzgerald's Stiff Arm Was as Impressive a Power Move As You'll Ever See

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