Larry Johnson's video game experience

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Interview by Chad Zimmerman

Larry Johnson is the fantasy football fan's favorite All-Pro running back, and he's also a v-gaming maniac. During an afternoon session of Game with Fame on Xbox Live for the new World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions, Larry dished on his video game resume.

How long have you been playing video games?
LJ: Since I was born. I play video games every day; it allows me to stay competitive when I'm not playing football.

How often did you play while you were in high school and college?
All the time. When you're in training camp, there is nothing to do but play video games and go to practice. You have to keep yourself entertained somehow.

How has v-gaming affected team chemistry and friendships?
LJ: It helps build competition. But, you can also lose friendships if you talk too much trash. Your teammates won't want to play you anymore.

Who is your favorite opponent to play against?
I like to play against [Chiefs' third-year corner from Northern Iowa] Denny Sapp, because he is so animated and funny when he plays—it doesn't matter whether he's winning or losing.

Do you always win?
I win a whole lot more than I lose.

What's your favorite game to play?
Fight Nights. I was always interested in boxing, but I was never in the right environment to be a boxer. If I didn't play football, I probably would have tried to become a boxer.

What are some features of Fight Nights you like?
LJ: I like how realistic everyone looks. And, if you punch your opponent in the face long enough, you can see black eyes and a bloody nose.

Do you create your own boxer?
LJ: I create my guy and give him a lot of power. You can be as slow as you want, but if you have that George Foreman power, it only takes about five good shots to knock someone out.

What's your favorite gaming system?
LJ: Xbox 360. The graphics are so real, and the games load quickly.

Do you play poker with your teammates?
Yeah, a lot.

How does the World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions compare?
It's really good now because, with the game vision cam, you can make yourself one of the players. So, when you play, you're looking at your face, not some generic one.

When you're playing Madden, are you always the Chiefs?
LJ: I'll be the Chiefs or Steelers. I like being the Steelers, because I like running with Jerome Bettis. He's the strongest guy in the game.

Do you enjoy being and controlling yourself?
LJ: I always get a kick out of that. I enjoyed being myself in NCAA, and I like it in Madden. I like talking trash to my opponent when I make a move with myself.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock