Why the Cavs Wore Sleeved Jerseys in Game 5 of the NBA Finals

LeBron James surprisingly made the call for the Cavs to wear the sleeved jerseys.

In the past, LeBron James has disapproved of the NBA's sleeved jerseys, complaining that the jersey material produces resistance on his jump shot.

During a November game against the New York Knicks, James wore the sleeved uniform and scored 8 points on 36.3 percent shooting. But after he ripped the sleeves off in frustration during the second quarter, he scored 15 points on 41.6 percent shooting.

The sleeves have affected James's jump shot in the past, but the four-time MVP surprisingly approved them for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers won, beating the Golden State Warriors 112-97 and forcing Game 6 back in Cleveland.

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James made the jersey decision for his team, but he didn't talk about it in a post-game interview. Cavs guard J.R. Smith said the team wore the jerseys because they symbolize pride, according to Cleveland.com's Chris Haynes.

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The Cavs certainly played with a sense of pride Monday night. James and Kyrie Irving each scored 41 points, the first time two teammates scored over 40 in a Finals game. Between their points and assists, the two All-Stars were responsible for as many points as the entire Warriors team scored.

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