Nike Unveils the "LeBron James Diamond Collection"

Nike and LeBron teamed up for the creation of LeBron James' clothing line: the Diamond Collection-which was made available for purchase earlier Oct. 2.

LeBron James Clothing Line

Nike Sportswear recently unveiled its new LeBron James Diamond Collection clothing line, marking the King's tenth year of business partnership with the brand. The apparel, which can be purchased at Nike flagship stores and select retailers, dropped just ahead of the NBA season tip-off  (Tuesday, October 30), when James and the defending champion Miami Heat will take on the Boston Celtics at American Airlines Arena.

(Rewind to LeBron's 2011 style with The Look: LeBron James's Professional Style.)

LeBron's new clothing line takes its inspiration from diamonds—comparing LeBron's career to the diamond-forming process of heat, time and pressure. It includes the LeBron Peacoat Destroyer, the LeBron Varsity Shawl Collar Cardigan, the LeBron Virtus Hoodie, and the LeBron 6 Crew. In addition to these classier pieces, it also features LeBron's signature T, inscribed with the Chosen One's motto: "Earned, not given."

The new Diamond Collection exhibits greater stylistic sophistication. For example, the Peacoat Destroyer has been updated from its original 100% wool composition (check it out at LeBron James X Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jacket) to a more refined wool-bodied jacket with leather sleeves. And while the Virtus Hoodie retains Nike's classic AW77 style, satin and tack twill have been added to the embroidery. All in all, no style detail was overlooked in the design of LeBron's new clothing line.

In related news, LeBron James and Nike recently released a new edition of the Nike LeBron X+, a sneaker dubbed "Blue Diamond," which hit stores on October 4. It's priced at $200 for those who already have Nike+ technology and $270 for those who want the full sport pack (two Sports Sensors, one Sports Charger, and one Sports Adapter.) Read more at Nike LeBron X+ Sport Pack Available.

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