LeBron James Got Heckled By a D-III College Hoops Player After Cavs' Game 3 Loss

After scoring just 11 points against the Celtics, the King got into a verbal sparring match with a surprising opponent.

After boat-racing the Boston Celtics en route to a 130-86 win in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James had a weirdly quiet performance in Game 3. After blowing a 21-point 3rd quarter lead, the Cleveland Cavaliers eventually lost on a 3-point bomb by Avery Bradley at the buzzer, making LeBron's 4-of-13 shooting, 11-point performance all the more disappointing. Prior to Game 3, LeBron had scored 30 points or more in nine straight playoff games this postseason, tying a mark set by the one and only Michael Jordan.

Since the was played in Cleveland, Cavs fans were understandably shocked and a little upset. One spectator took his beef to an entirely new level, however, heckling arguably the greatest basketball player ever to step foot on the court as LeBron walked out of the arena.

According to ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst, who witnessed the exchange, the heckler reportedly told LeBron "you can't have 11 points," prompting LeBron to ask the heckler what he'd done in his basketball career. This prompted the heckler to hit LeBron with perhaps the best comeback of all time: "I played at Hiram College." Imagine looking the best basketball player in the world dead in the eye and trying to compare your work at a Division III school to his performance in the NBA Playoffs. And doing it with a straight face.

Since the incident took place, a man named Trey Sanders appears to have taken credit for the dispute. According to his Twitter timeline, Sanders came off the bench for two years for the Hiram Terries, averaging 6.6 points and 2.8 assists per game over his career.

LeBron was in a sour mood during his postgame press conference, and being ridiculed in your own arena by a guy who plays in the North Coast Athletic Conference may have had something to do with it.

Photo credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images