LeBron James Has Gathered the Entire Cleveland Cavaliers Team for Off-Season Workouts

There is no off-season for the defending world champs.

Gathering his teammates for a pre-training camp workout excursion is something LeBron James has been doing for years. He brought the Cavs together in Los Angeles ahead of their championship run last season, but we've never got a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes down at these team bonding sessions. Is LeBron screaming at everyone? Are dudes really getting after it? What does Kevin Love's hair look like? Well, thanks to LBJ's new-found obsession with Instagram "Stories," we finally got a look at his off-season training camp.

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Taking over the weight room at the University of California-Santa Barbara, the Cleveland Cavaliers (sans J.R. Smith, who has yet to re-sign with the team), is putting in major work, with each player participating in a different move as LeBron moves from teammate to teammate. Perhaps it's a circuit, and each player stops at a different station throughout the workout, or perhaps each player has his own individual plan. Regardless, the Cavs are getting after it.

Tristan Thompson

Here's Tristan Thompson engaged in a Standing Barbell Shoulder Press, so he can continue to dominate on the offensive glass like he did for the Cavs throughout the post-season.

James Jones

Ageless wonder James Jones, now in his 14th NBA season, can be found doing some sort of Wall Sit to Dumbbell Press like the champion he is.

Kevin Love

Kevin Love's feet and lateral quickness have never been his strong suits, but it appears he's spending LeBron's training camp working on both by placing a resistance band around his ankles and working on his footwork.

Kyrie Irving

Here's Kyrie Irving, hero of Game 7, the man who hit the shot that propelled the Cavs to Cleveland's first major championship in 52 years, working hard on his core, a key component to maintaining the expert body control he displays when he zig-zags his way to the hole.

You can check out the rest of the Cavs and the exercises they're performing in the above video. Feel free to add any of these moves to your basketball workout if you're not doing them already.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock