LeBron Plays Wastepaper Basketball With Jimmy Fallon

LeBron James teams up with Jimmy Fallon for a game of wastepaper basketball on 'The Tonight Show.'

Last night, LeBron James made his debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in"Wastepaper Basketball." In the hilarious skit/music video, James, adorned in black leather pants, tries his hand at rapping.

Over the classic Kurtis Blow track, "Basketball," Fallon makes it clear that "anyone can play the kind [of ball] you play in the office," so long as you don't get caught by your boss (or your teacher, for that matter). After Fallon misses his shot "on purpose" (we all know how that goes), LeBron goes 3-for-3 in the trash can.

Spoiler alert: the pair get busted for horseplay, but not before Fallon drops in an alley-oop and the King gives us a monster between-the-legs paper slam dunk, showing everyone (as per usual) how it's done.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock