LeBron James' Latest Instagram Post Shows Him Playing for Ohio State

What if?

If you know nothing else about LeBron James, he of three NBA championships, you know he did not attend college. James was one of the last players to jump straight from high school to the NBA before the league required players to play at least one year of college ball; and people have always had fun speculating about where he might have gone if he had decided to dominate the NCAA before the NBA.

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An obvious choice would have been Ohio State. It's not only LeBron's home state college, but he openly roots for the Buckeyes on social media. In recent years, he even helped outfit the Ohio State basketball team in Nike and LeBron gear. With the Cavs in Columbus to play one of their final pre-season games before the regular season begins next week, James took his Ohio State love a step further.

The King posted a picture of himself photoshopped in a Buckeyes basketball uniform to inform fans that no, he would not be sitting out tonight, as he has during the past two Cavaliers pre-season games.

"Face u make when someone say 'Yo Bron heard you ain't playing in Columbus tonight at Ohio State!?' And I say 'Are you out your mind! Of course I'm playing in front of those fans and that University!!'" LeBron wrote alongside the post.

So, no, we will never have the memory of LeBron actually hooping for OSU, but this photo makes us wonder, "what if?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock