LeBron James Wore the Wrong Pair of Shorts For Close to An Entire Quarter

LeBron James wore the wrong shorts for almost a full quarter against the Spurs before his equipment manager noticed the mistake.

LeBron James Wore the Wrong Pair of Shorts For Close to An Entire Quarter

When you're LeBron James, and the San Antonio Spurs are coming into your building for a game you desperately need to win in order to inject much needed confidence into your squad, the last thing you're worried about is your uniform. The equipment staff places it in your locker long before tip-off, and you put on whatever they give you.

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Unfortunately, with the Cavs rocking their 1970s-inspired throwbacks Saturday night against the Spurs (on national television, no less), James should have paid more attention to his getup, specifically his bottoms. He trotted out for the tipoff rocking the Cavs' traditional gold shorts instead of the wine, gold and white-paneled ones that belonged with the rest of his uniform. People quickly noticed the wardrobe malfunction, and the equipment manager finally told James he needed to make a change with 5:04 left in the first quarter.

"I put the uniform on that was in my locker, like every game and they came to me and said I needed to change shorts during the timeout," James told cleveland.com after the game. "So I never realized that. I seen two, a yellow top, a yellow bottom. I know we got a couple different yellow uniforms now, so we'll be checking from now on."

You'd think that with all the attention James has paid to the length of his shorts, he would have noticed something was amiss.

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