LeBron Took to Twitter to Roast Kevin Love's Horrendous High School Sneakers

When an old photo of Kevin Love popped up on Twitter, LeBron couldn't help but roast his buddy's whack sneaker selection.

Teammates have been roasting each other since sports were invented.

The NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers are certainly no different.

Yesterday, SLAM High School Hoops tweeted an old picture of Kevin Love. The photo shows an awkward, slightly chubby Love during his days as a baller at Lake Oswego High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon:

LeBron James, Love's Cavaliers teammate, apparently saw the picture and decided he to do some roasting:

Ah, yes. The shoes. What are those shoes? They look like something a mom would put on her 2nd grader for the first day of school. According to Sole Collector, the shoes are an exclusive version of Jay Z's Reebok S. Carter BBall Lows, which were produced for the 2006 Roundball Classic game. Love recently signed with Nike, and it appears he's hoping his buddy LeBron can help him get his kick game right:

How did high school K-Love turn into the svelte GQ model we know today? He drastically changed his diet. Love's nutrition is now centered around foods like grilled chicken, grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, veggies and nut butters.

"If you looked at my body in high school and college, you could tell I wasn't always eating the right way," Love told STACK. "I've always been a gym rat and always constantly played basketball, but back then I didn't really look like it. Your body is made in the kitchen. If you can hit nutrition on the head early on in your career, it will really help you in the long run."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock