"LeBroning": A Social Media Epidemic Inspired by LeBron's Biggest Flops

LeBroning, the act of falling to the ground in response to slight contact, is sweeping the nation. Watch high school students flop like LBJ on STACK.com.

LeBron James has been one of the best players in the NBA for almost a decade, and we might be getting a little jaded viewing his nightly displays of athleticism. The talents he took to South Beach no longer inspire like they once did. Now teens nationwide are starting to focus on a more dramatic aspect of King James's game—flopping.

James has a tendency to throw his body to the floor when he experiences the slightest bit of contact. This 6'8", 250-pound mega-beast has learned how to get fouls called in his favor by throwing his head back and letting his body follow, sometimes performing a ballerina twirl to the court or a backwards stumble into the crowd.

America's youth have turned these dramatic displays into an Internet trend. It's called "LeBroning," and we haven't seen an epidemic this big since Tebowing hit social media. Just search for #LeBroning on Twitter, Vine or Instagram. You'll find thousands of videos of people flopping to the ground all over malls, supermarkets and high schools.

Check out the video below for a montage of high school students LeBroning in school hallways, followed by LBJ's greatest flop moments.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock