LeCharles Bentley's Tips for Watching Film

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You might think the local multiplex is the place to kick back and relax with your crew. But the real must-see films of the summer are those featuring your team and last year's opponents.

"Watching game film is paramount," says LeCharles Bentley, two-time NFL Pro Bowler and six-year veteran. "You can't watch every single game thoroughly every single day of the season, so watching film in the off season is imperative."

To change your game from good to great and gain an edge come fall, Bentley offers some quick tips on how to watch film properly.

Break It Down: Don't watch film just to watch film. Spend an hour three days a week breaking down games [not highlight reels] into series and plays. Focus more on the bad plays to learn what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.

Compare: Watch films to see if you advanced at all throughout the season. See how you corrected mistakes, and focus on starting the next season where you left off.

Both Sides: Study yourself and your opponents. Find out who is coming back this season, and study their tendencies. Then, develop a game plan to shut them down.

Be Honest: Don't just pat yourself on the back. It's important to stay positive, but admit when you screwed up and didn't perform well. This will help you detect your weaknesses and focus on transforming them into strengths during summer training.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock