Leonard Fournette Truck-Sticked This Poor Ole Miss Defender Into Another Galaxy

The freshman defender never had a chance.

We haven't heard from Leonard Fournette, LSU's stud running back, as often as we thought we would this season, in large part due to nagging injuries that have caused him to miss four of LSU's eight games. But we'd be fools to forget about him. Short term memory loss is the only explanation for Ole Miss true freshman Deontay Anderson's attempt to tackle Fournette one on one in the open field, because it went as you'd expect.

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After catching a pass out of the backfield in the first quarter of their Saturday night matchup, Fournette went streaking up the left sideline, only to find Anderson standing in his way. So Fournette did what the 6-foot-1, 235-pound grown man of a running back always does: he truck-sticked Anderson into another galaxy.

We get that as a player on the defensive side, your job is to tackle the ball carrier. But man, we wouldn't have blamed Anderson one bit if he'd simply waved his hand at Fournette, said "come on through!" and stepped out of his way. Anderson is just a freshman, and he has his whole life ahead of him! Alas, Anderson attempted the impossible, and became the lasting highlight in a game in which Fournette finished with 284 yards and 3 touchdowns. P.S. LSU won 38-21.

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