Rap News Rundown: Lil Wayne, Drake, Chief Keef, Jeezy

This edition of Rap News Rundown reports the latest news concerning Lil Wayne, Drake, Chief Keef and Jeezy.

Lil Wayne Talks Cash Money Future

A couple weeks ago, Lil Wayne surprised everyone when he went on Twitter and blasted his long-time recording home Cash Money Records for refusing to release his album, Tha Carter V. He has been fairly quiet since, but it seems his rift with CMR has not healed. During a performance at VICE's 20th Birthday celebration in Brooklyn, the rapper said, "Due to technical difficulties, I'm f***ed up in a bad situation, but I will be out of it soon. And I do it for y'all."

He's also pledged his allegiance to his own label, tweeting on Thursday: "YM! That's it. Nothing else."

Puff & Drake Tangle Over Rap Beat

Puff and YM rapper Drake got into an altercation in Miami last Monday. According to reports, the row started over a Boi-1da beat that originally belonged to Puff and was used by Drake to create his latest single "0 to 100." "Boi-1da gave both of them a song, '0 to 100,' Diddy hadn't done anything with it in months and Drizzy decided to use it even though they both had it," a source told HollywoodLife.com.

The music mogul struck the Canadian rapper and aggravated a shoulder injury, so Drizzy went to the hospital shortly thereafter for a check-up. Sam Sneak, Rick Ross's DJ, hilariously recounted the events on Twitter. "Y'all pray for Drake," he wrote. "N**** caught a 3 pc... Diddy put hands on that boy... and he ain't go 0-100... That boy left."

Chief Keef & Migos End Beef

After months of beefing, it appears that Chief Keef and Migos may have finally resolved their issues. The Atlanta rap trio posted a picture of them with the Chi-town rapper and the caption "Miglo." Also, GBE member Tadoe posted a short clip that made it seem like the two groups had actually hung out. However, both the picture and the video have since been deleted.

Ducttape Ent rapper OG KK appears to have been integral to the two groups calling a truce. "It's crazy but it's a blessing also to be recognized for doing positive, especially me after how the media tried to portray me," said the Atlanta-based performer. "Yung n***** need real OGs around them to give them guidance and understanding."

Gun Charges Against Jeezy Dropped

Weapons charges pending against Jeezy were dropped by the Orange County Prosecutor's Office due to a lack of evidence, reports the Associated Press. The guns that were seized were legally purchased by the southern rapper's security chief and had been inspected two days prior to his arrest following a shooting at his concert with Wiz Khalifa. Also, DNA tests confirmed that the rapper and the five others arrested did not come into contact with the weapons.

Jeezy reacted to the news via Instagram. "I pray this had nothing to do with race, but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence. Words cannot express how vindicated I feel with these charges being dismissed today," he wrote. "...I'm relieved that the truth has ultimately prevailed and I would like to thank those who have always stood by me including my family and fans."


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock