Lionel Messi: Steph Curry and I Share the Same Connection With the Ball

Soccer star Lionel Messi sees several points of similarity with Steph Curry, including the fact that both players are undersized for their sport.

Messi Curry

Player comparisons happen all the time in sports, normally in the same sport. But that didn't stop soccer star Lionel Messi from comparing himself to Golden State Warriors point guard and two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

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In June, Messi will visit the United States for the Copa America at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. While in the Bay Area, Messi wishes to meet Curry.

The two athletes are fond of each other and have exchanged signed jerseys. But Messi thinks they have more in common than being the best players in their respective sports. The three-time Golden Boot winner said this to Sports Illustrated:  "If you watch Curry play—or, just as revealing, warm up before the game—you notice his relationship with the ball. It's like his body and mind are always on the same wavelength with el balón. I try to have that connection in my sport too."

Messi is not wrong. Both players have great flow and connection with the ball. Messi is one of the best dribblers the soccer world has ever seen, and Curry arguably has the best handles in the NBA.

Messi also notes that he and Curry are both undersized for their respective sports.

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