Loaded Carry Workout Complexes

Use these loaded carries as a finisher to a workout or a standalone training session to build full-body strength.

A loaded carry workout is one of the most effective ways to build strength. But although it has gained popularity in recent years, it is still one of least-used forms of training.

Lifting and then carrying a weighted object for some distance is a great way to challenge your entire body, helping you develop a strong core and engaging your back, chest, shoulders, glutes, hips and arms—all of which will feel the effect.

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You can use a loaded carry as a finisher to a workout or a standalone training session. If you combine 2 to 10 variations, performed one after another in a complex, you can take your workout to a whole new level—not only building your strength but also elevating your heart rate to help burn fat.

Use the following loaded carry variations in two separate complexes for this workout. For each variation,  use either kettlebells or dumbbells.

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Rack Walks: Clean kettlebells or dumbbells up into the rack position. Keep your elbows up the entire time.

Farmer's Walk: Hold the kettlebells or dumbbells at your sides. Retract your shoulders back and down and walk.

Overhead Carry: Overhead press kettlebells or dumbbells, making sure they are in line with your shoulders, hips and knees, not out in front of you.

Warrior Walk: This is a variation not often seen. Hold the kettlebells or dumbbells at your sides. Bend your arms at 45-degree angles, forming a W with your arms and body (hence the name Warrior Carries). Pull your shoulders back and down and walk.

Perform each of the two complexes for 5 sets, with two to three minutes rest between sets. When you have completed Complex 1, move on to Complex 2. Remember, you can modify the workout to your level.

We have the different variations of the walks; here is how we put them together in a complex.

Complex 1: 5 sets

  • 1a. Rack Walks x 50 yards
  • 1b. Farmer's Walks x 50 yards

Complex 2: 5 sets

  • 2a. Overhead Carry x 50 yards
  • 2b. Warrior Walk x 50 yards

Of course, you can modify the workout but reducing the distance of each carry and/or the number of sets.

Be realistic about your fitness level and try to improve week in and week out with this workout. You will see vast improvement in your body composition as well as your strength.

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