Locker Room Quote of the Week: February 7

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"What happens on the field stays on the field."
—Wayne Rooney, Manchester United Striker

During training and competition, tensions can erupt and tempers can flare. But regardless of the issue, once you step off the field, it's time to let it go.

It's good to play with passion—we at STACK encourage it. But it all ends when you walk back into the locker room. Nothing can break a team apart faster than arguing and fighting after a poor practice. And nobody respects an opponent who runs his mouth after a game. Sports are supposed to be fun, and even though emotions can get heated, the purpose is to have a good time while competing.

That lesson comes late for some, like soccer star Wayne Rooney. He may be English, but his proper manners often vanished when he began playing in the English Premier League. The 16-year-old schoolboy was known not only for his ball handling, but also for his short temper, which frequently resulted in bookings by officials. Although Rooney's rage fueled the fire of his success, his emotions carried over off the pitch, and team chemistry was an issue during his early career.

However, true to the old adage, with age came wisdom. During the past seven seasons, under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, Rooney has [mostly] kept his fury contained. There have been fewer arguments with players and officials, and more time finding the back of the net. Rooney has scored more than 130 goals in club competitions.

Although Man U's #10 is not quite as cool as a cucumber, he's no longer a hot potato. Rooney's mature attitude has allowed his team to focus on a new problem: expanding their trophy room to accommodate all the team awards they've won with his help.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock