LOOK: Bryce Harper Has a Perfect Doppelgänger

A fan showed up to the Nationals game looking exactly like Bryce Harper.

Not Bryce Harper

Everyone has a doppelgänger. If you think you don't, you haven't met him/her yet.

The MLB world just discovered Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper's doppelgänger.

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At Monday's game between the Nationals and the Detroit Tigers, a fan showed up decked out in full Nationals gear. And by fan, I mean Harper's twin. The fan had all of Harper's features and characteristics: the slicked back hair, the missing top button, the beard, even the eye black.

All the fan had to do was pretend he was running late, and he probably would have got into the game for free. The Nationals won the game 5-4—even though the real Harper was ejected.

Check out Bryce Harper's  doppelgänger below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock