LOOK: Snoop Dogg Gave Kobe a Lakers-Themed Convertible as a Retirement Gift

MTV might want to bring back 'Pimp My Ride' so Snoop Dogg can showcase his custom car-making talents.

If MTV's Pimp My Ride was still on the air, former host Xzibit might have some competition from fellow rapper Snoop Dogg.

On Wednesday, Snoop Dogg gave Kobe Bryant a Los Angeles Lakers-themed convertible as a retirement gift. Bryant retired at the end of the season after 20 years in the NBA. He went nuts in his last game, scoring 60 points and leading the Lakers to a win over the Utah Jazz 101-96.

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The hood of the convertible displays Lakers legends James Worthy, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bryant. Snoop Dogg also gave himself a spot on the hood among the team's legends.

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Then Snoop Dogg and Bryant went for a ride in the Black Mamba's new car.

Snoop Dogg has good taste when it comes to cars, and the iconic purple and gold vehicle is a sight to see on the streets of Los Angeles.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock