LOOK: The Pittsburgh Pirates' Pre-Game Handshakes Are the Best Thing in Baseball

The Pittsburgh Pirates perform an elaborate series of handshakes before they take the field. It's a fantastic display of pre-game camaraderie.

Pittsburgh Pirates Handshakes

Once only reserved for the NBA, the pregame handshake has wriggled its way into the friendly confines of Major League Baseball in the best way possible. The Pittsburgh Pirates have taken to performing one of the most elaborate handshake routines we've ever seen, one that takes over the entire dugout.

Andrew McCutchen and Josh Harrison appear to be the ringleaders, doling out different handshakes to each player as they stroll into the dugout to get ready for the first pitch. Once said players get through the handshake line with McCutchen and Harrison, they continue down the line, dapping up Gregory Polanco before continuing through the end of the dugout.

At a certain point, there appears to be 10 handshake procedures going on at once, like an Inception of handshakes. Our personal favorite, though, has to be Polanco and Harrison's Harlem Shake, because there's nothing better than two grown men gyrating their shoulders like a couple of 10-year-olds.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock