Los Angeles Lakers Debut New 'Hollywood Nights' Alternate Jerseys

The Los Angeles Lakers are shaking things up with alternate "Hollywood Nights" uniforms, which they will wear for a select number of games this season.

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Kobe Bryant - LA Lakers

Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will forever be associated with purple and gold uniforms, racking up 16 championships with the likes of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and Kobe Bryant—and with Jack Nicholson bellowing encouragement from his permanent courtside seat. But this season, for a few games at least, the Lakers' traditional colors will take a back seat to a new one: black.

L.A. will rock its brand new "Hollywood Nights" alternate uniforms for a select number of games during the 2013-2014 season. The new threads are predominantly black, with purple and gold accents along the side and in the numbers and letters. According to a team press release, fans have been clamoring for a black jersey for years, and the name "Hollywood Nights" is a call to the industry that makes the city such a world famous destination. And when your star player is nicknamed "Black Mamba," a black jersey only seems right.

Do you like the new unis? Or are the Lakers infringing on a classic?

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock