Losing Fat: How to Stay Focused During the Holidays

Five tips and a circuit workout from STACK Expert Veronique Perron will help you lose fat and keep your training on track during the holidays.

Losing Fat

It's easy to stray from your health and fitness regimen during the holidays, when rich food is everywhere and you're off your regular training schedule. Before you know it, it's January, training for spring season has begun, and you're out of shape.

Here are some tips and a workout to help you stay focused as the new year approaches.

1. Drink more water. H2O helps you feel full during and after meals and keeps you hydrated, especially in the dry winter season. Try to drink a minimum of 8 glasses a day. Cut out all soda.

2. Add more vegetables to your meals. Have a salad (without dressing) before you eat your main course, or make sure to add more vegetables to your meal. The fiber will keep you feeling full and you'll be able to stay on track.

3. Walk whenever you can. Walk to school or work or while running errands, instead of driving. After a big meal, take a walk.

4. Eat in moderation. Have one small portion of dessert instead of three and add more protein to your meals instead of simple carbohydrates like sugar. This will help you feel full while you enjoy a treat.

5. Don't drop the workout. Find 30 minutes in your day to do this high-intensity interval training workout to increase your metabolic rate:


Repeat the following three exercises twice with no rest between:

  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 30 Butt Kicks
  • 20 High Knees


Perform the following exercises back to back without rest. Once you complete the circuit, take a 45-second rest and repeat it again two more times.

Once you have completed three circuits, do as many sets of five Burpees and 10 Mountain Climbers as you can (in a circuit) for two minutes. Push yourself as hard as you can. Write down the number of circuits you completed in two minutes so that next time you do the workout, you can compete against yourself to beat your total.

You can also do this workout with friends and compete against each other for fun.

Remember to stretch your muscles slowly after the workout, since you'll most likely feel sore the next day.

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