4 Reasons Your Team Is Losing

Does your team have a losing mentality? Turn things around by heeding sound advice from STACK Expert Dr. Rob Bell.

Losing Team

We have all seen teams whose players just couldn't get it together. They weren't committed, lacked focus, weren't confident, or couldn't let go of their mistakes. Inevitably they became their own worst enemies and actually handed wins to their opponents.

The truth is that the best team doesn't always win. Teams may be talented but not work hard. Others may lack talent but make up for it with extraordinary effort. For some teams, it's hard to put everything together.

For teams to reach their full potential and be mentally tough, they have to connect all the dots. Here are four ways to get it done.


Be committed to yourself, your teammates and your coaches. Develop a winning attitude, commit to it and settle for nothing less.


Only you have the ability to control your focus. A loss of focus on and off the field can be detrimental to any team. Develop a focal point and zero in on it. If you notice that your focus has diminished, regain control and eliminate external factors.


Have confidence in yourself and in your teammates. Come out playing to win rather than playing not to lose. Trust in your ability and leave the worrying to the fans. Confidence radiates off winners, and they have a 6th sense: the ability to recognize fear.


Obstacles are inevitable, but winners are able to find alternate routes to be successful. Let go of your mistakes and learn from them. You may not be able to see it now, but you'll be stronger for having experienced each challenge.

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