LSU RB Leonard Fournette Has Lost 12 Pounds Since the NFL Combine

Turns out those extra pounds might have been just 'water weight' after all.

When Leonard Fournette took the field in Indianapolis back in February at the NFL Combine, all anyone wanted to talk about was his weight. He jogged out in spandex looking every bit the 240 pounds he weighed at the time. Fournette chalked that number up to "water weight" and vowed that it would come off soon. He went on to have an uneven day, thoroughly disappointing with his vertical leap but turning some heads with a 4.5 40-Yard Dash.

But questions about Fournette's fitness remained. Was his excess weight really just water weight? Was he as dedicated to staying in shape as one needs to be to play running back in the NFL? On Wednesday morning at LSU's pro day, Fournette put those questions to rest.

Fournette arrived to work out in Baton Rouge weighing 12 pounds less than he did a month ago, which backs up his previous statements of how easy it would be for him to lose the weight once he started working out again. He told reporters that he "wanted to show everyone I could lose weight when it comes down to business" and that his mom was one of the key factors in his weight loss, staying on him every day to make it happen.

It's not known exactly what weight NFL teams would want him to play at, but its safe to say it would probably be somewhere in the low 230s. Fournette has now shown that he has no problem getting his body to whatever weight is asked of him, and he believes he can perform to the "best of his ability" no matter what the numbers read on the scale.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock