LSU's Football Players Prepared for Their Upcoming Bowl Game by Consuming 4,000 Chicken Wings

That's a lot of wings.

The LSU Tigers are in Orlando preparing to take on Louisville and Lamar Jackson in the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl on Saturday, and the team is preparing in the only way they know how—by taking full advantage of their bowl game's sponsor.

The Tigers rented an entire Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Orlando on Tuesday night, then proceeded to do the only sensible thing people do in the sports bar chain—eat as many wings as possible. According to LSU beat reporter Ross Dellenger, the players put down 4,000 chicken wings.

Let's do some quick math to calculate the total calories they consumed that night.

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According to BWW's website, a "small" order of traditional wings contains 670 calories. A typical "small" order includes 10 wings, so there are approximately 67 calories in a single wing. So what's 67 multiplied by 4,000? The answer: 268,000 calories. For some perspective, if an average man subsists on 2,000 calories per day, he could keep hitting his goal for 134 straight days. Looked at another way, if all 90 players on the LSU roster showed up for the chickenfest, the average intake would have been 2,978 calories per man.

Fortunately, the LSU players have three more days to let all those wings digest in their bellies. And when you're lifting and practicing every day, the number of  calories you consume in one sitting barely makes a dent. Still, that's a whole lot of chicken, and a reminder of how much athletes can eat.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock