"Madden 13" Physics Engine Offers a More Realistic Experience

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Madden 13
At their E3 2012 press conference on Monday, EA announced that its Madden 13 (due Aug. 13) physics engine will get a complete overhaul. The new engine, dubbed "Infinity Engine," will allow athletes and gamers to enjoy a more realistic experience than ever before.

The Infinity Engine will bring a whole new level to the physics of the game. Hits will now take into account  a player's height, weight, speed, and momentum, conforming faithfully to an athlete's physical limitations. For example, the game will prevent a 200-pound lineman from hitting as hard as a 300-pound lineman. In addition to weight and body metrics, strengths in certain areas will also affect the game's physics. For instance, a powerful runner will have more strength in his legs and do better on low hits.

These exciting changes are full of possibilities. How will a fumbled football bounce around when ripped out of a receiver's hand? How will a quarterback crumple to the ground when sacked by a dominating linebacker?

It is clear the developers are listening to their fans, and they have begun placing greater emphasis on working with NFL players to create a more authentic experience for gamers. Let's hope that all the work on physics, updates like spoken audibles and closer collaboration with professional athletes come together to create the best Madden yet.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock