Introducing STACK Madden Mondays

Destroy your friends in Madden with help from STACK's new weekly feature: Madden Mondays. Tune in each week for help from the guys who wrote the book on Madden.

Madden Matt Ryan

Now that the football season is in full swing, Madden battles seem to be breaking out after nearly every practice. And although it's fun to play a game of Madden with your buddies, we feel it's even more fun to destroy them.

To help, STACK corralled some guys to put together the official Madden Prima strategy guide. At the beginning of each week, we'll have tips from both @ZFarls and @SGibs—two Madden experts who not only wrote the print guide, but also continue to whip up custom playbooks, troubleshoot formation problems, and find ways for gamers to play better Madden.

Need specific help? Hit them up on Twitter with your questions and see if their expertise can kickstart your offense and firm up your defense. Check out the official Prima site for their full library of content.

To kick off Madden Mondays, the guys take a look at how to properly use wide receiver motion.

Source:  Prima Madden

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